About Us


Oregon Trail started as Middleton Church of God and Caldwell Church of God merged, saved and built the church building which currently sits off exit 25 of I-84. We come from the Church of God Anderson IN. We believed in the pioneer spirit which led the pioneers who bravely faced the wilderness with the promise of a better life. With that in mind and with the proximity of the actual Oregon trail nearby, we chose the name Oregon Trail Church of God. We continue with that spirit today by welcoming our Idaho communities to the journey through being genuine followers of Christ. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be genuine. The journey stretches before us all to follow. Jesus is our destination. How we reach that destination differs greatly from person to person. Simply know that at Oregon Trail we all stand before a loving Savior that has provided a better and more abundant life with a family to encourage, equip, send out, and support us.


There are four core values of Oregon Trail Church of God that reflect our journey of faith.

1. Jesus Christ is the destination of our journey.
2. Scripture is our foundation and the road map for our journey.
3. All generations contribute to the journey.
4. Everyone is welcome on the journey.


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